Navigating the complex journey to data-driven transformation


Data-driven organisations redefine entire industries and leave the competition behind – if they can traverse the hurdles on the way. Our strategic data science and big data analytics consulting cuts through the complexities on your journey to data-driven advantage.


The journey to becoming a data-driven organisation is complex – and you need a map and the right skills and tools to get there. Mango Solutions helps organisations to navigate the pitfalls and realise the full potential of their data. Together, we align your data and analytics strategy to your business objectives, ensuring you have the right infrastructure and skills to mobilise your transformation, but also the right data and methodology to achieve real value.

Building a data-driven organisation

Our strategic data science and big data analytics consulting enables you to overcome the key challenges to becoming a data-driven business:

Enabling a data-driven culture


  • How do we engage the broader business in the data-driven initiative?
  • How do we transition data and analytics to a “Business as Usual” state?
  • What proven strategies for managing the change will a data-driven approach require?


Our ‘Art of the possible’ leadership mentoring series helps you instigate the all-important culture shift.

Building a data-science capability


  • How do we build a team with the right data and analytic skills to deliver on our objectives?
  • Which technical platform(s) should we use to underpin our initiative?
  • Are there proven frameworks we can use to align our capability around best practices?


We ensure you have the right people, skills and architecture to succeed. Our team building expertise and training in R, Python and ML allows you to achieve the optimum skill mix across your organisation.

Delivering data-driven value


  • What methodology should we use to generate value in a repeatable manner?
  • What are the right business questions to answer?
  • How can evolving trends such as AI and ML add value to our business?


We provide guidance on use cases and success criteria, using proven analytic frameworks to ensure repeatability and deliver business value.


  • Customised strategic analytics consultancy – including a range of analysis, products and services that deliver business intelligence
  • Top down and bottom up change – inspiring leaders and engaging practitioners in the community
  • Establishing the data-driven fundamentals – developing a robust data and analytics strategy to identify the right enablers, including R, Python and AI/ML


  • Make rigorous, data-driven decisions
  • Transform quickly and efficiently based on real insight
  • Create competitive advantage and increased agility, and exceed customer expectations


Explore the latest insights to inspire your next data science project.

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