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Our data science and analytics consulting supports and upskills your teams to make data-driven decisions that achieve real business goals. Whether you’re seeking innovation, efficiency or enhanced customer experience, we ask the right questions to qualify each use case and drive value.


Using advanced analytics and statistics to analyse and prioritise the activities that add value to your business is incredibly powerful – but exceedingly hard without the right expertise. Mango Solutions can resource your project, upskilling your team along the way, to deliver data science and analytics best practice that supports the pursuit of innovation and competitive advantage. We develop robust applications that will meet the needs of regulatory and non-regulatory industries alike.


With our data science and analytics consulting your business can overcome a range of challenges, such as optimising marketing spend, forecasting demand, boosting customer retention, maximising customer lifetime value, increasing operational efficiency, and saving costs throughout the supply chain.

We specialise in:

  • Turning data into wisdom – we unlock knowledge that drives value-generating behaviours, from proof of concept to production.
  • Honing in on value – you can invest a lot of time brilliantly answering the wrong question. We can help you focus on what matters. Things like increased revenue, greater efficiency and enhanced customer experience.

‘IDEaL’ best practice framework

Our proven frameworks ensure successful analytic delivery. Using Mango’s established data science methodology our focus is to prioritise data-driven value aligned to your business objectives.


Explore the business challenge and provide support to understand the right path to realising a successful outcome


Empower our multidisciplinary project team to develop an analytic solution in an iterative manner


Test and refine the solution with the business to ensure that it realises the expected value


Deploy and launch the solution to enable the empowerment of the end user


  • Data cleansing – to create the foundation for robust analysis
  • Manipulating data across multiple dimensions – to reveal the deepest insights
  • Converting analytic thinking into action – we use proven models to create production code that delivers tangible benefits
  • Communicating to drive change – engaging across organisations to upskill and inspire

With us your organisation can:

  • Access highly skilled data scientists that identify where an analytic approach can add value in your organisation
  • Lead, resource and work with team members to deliver a positive project outcome
  • Transition and scale the proof of concept into production


Explore the latest insights to inspire your next data science project.


A Typical Data Science Project

Doug Ashton, Senior Data Science Consultant talks about typical examples of data science projects and activities we encounter at Mango.

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