From integrating advanced analytics and AI/ML techniques to providing strategic advice and upskilling programmes - we help companies establish a data-driven culture that opens the door to world-class capabilities and elevates business performance

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Data-driven transformation is both highly desirable and highly complex. Our services wheel of specialist knowledge, experience and methodical approach ensures you have the expertise, frameworks and technology to achieve your goals.

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Data science holds incredible potential; whatever your requirements or challenges, we can help. Explore our data science and analytics services below to learn where our experts add value.


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A Typical Data Science Project

Doug Ashton, Senior Data Science Consultant talks about typical examples of data science projects and activities we encounter at Mango.


Data Science Radar

Data drives modern business. Data scientists, however, remain rare. According to the 2018 Gartner CIO Agenda, CIO’s globally ranked analytics…


R Training and Consultancy Services

Rapid scaling. Increased efficiency. Bigger profits. What could your organisation achieve with a world-class data science capability? We’ve been helping…

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