RStudio Managed Service is the way forward

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As a language, R can come with barriers when it comes to the implementation and necessary technical know-how of installing, configuring, and supporting a centralised data science platform. As a full service Certified RStudio partner in Europe, we have introduced a new service to help overcome such technical hurdles associated with scaling your R environment.

Designed to be up and running effectively almost immediately, this expert Managed Service, removes the need for specialist in-house IT expertise and guarantees a service level agreement to meet your requirements in terms of configuration, maintenance and system updates.

Is Managed Service for you?

A Managed Service RStudio environment gives you the benefit of a quick and effective cloud environment, run and maintained by Mango Solutions to minimise client responsibility. It presents a solution for reducing concerns of supporting an appropriate infrastructure for data science teams, allowing them to focus their valuable time on vital project collaboration and their core area of responsibility , rather than needing to have any concerns over their system configuration and maintenance.

The benefits an RStudio Managed Service provides:

  • Quick and effective installation – the environment is setup in the Cloud, negating the need for Linux experts within your business
  • Outsourced management – guaranteeing an excellent service level agreement (SLA) with automatic updates, managed maintenance, and reporting
  • Option for pre-installed validated packages – using ValidR® the solution maximises assurance of a compliant environment and provides the reassurance of knowing the code is robust, effective, and reproducible
  • Predictable low cost – outsourcing complex solutions ensure simplified budgets and costs
  • Proven expertise – provides levels of support to run and maintain to meet your business, reducing the time and support from your over-burdened IT teams
  • Option to engage with additional Data Science services to grow your knowledge and productivity

Keen to know more? We can demonstrate how this is already providing an effective solution within Government departments – talk to our Managed Service team.