ValidR set to reduce industry risk through stringent validation of R packages

Media release


December 15th 2020 – London, UK – Mango Solutions has launched an extension to the ValidR brand, a quality-controlled version of the popular, open-source analytic language R. This addition comprises a carefully curated validated collection of the 150 most popular industry leading packages, such as those within the “tidyverse”. This is welcome news, particularly among highly regulated sectors, including fintech, government and utilities, which will benefit from a compliant version of R that provides practitioners and business stakeholders with a secure solution that instils confidence in the safe usage of R across their organisation.

R is rapidly gaining traction across a wide range of industries for the flexibility, capability and commercial advantage it provides. A recent poll by Mango Solutions highlighted IT restrictions (37%) – mainly data security and technical support processes – and compliance (18%) as amongst the key concerns of commercial organisations, around the use of open-source R.

Driven by a global community of innovative coders and members of the growing R community, the power of R arises due to the volume and limitless scope of additional packages made available via several public repositories. As with most open-source software, the inherent risks prevent adoption and usage, as indicated in the poll.

In the absence of a rich analytics language like R, up to 29% of respondents in the poll admitted that MS Excel was still their organisations’ primary data and modelling tool. Spreadsheets can be difficult to analyse when working with extensive data sets, with data often becoming distorted or lost. The recent Covid-19 Track and Trace System “Excel-gate” disaster being just one example of where using Excel for large, complicated data processes has led to costly and critical errors. ValidR ensures organisations can have confidence in the use and application of R open-source software and provides an accessible solution for data teams.

Chief Data Scientist and Mango Solutions co-founder Rich Pugh said: “The concerns identified in the poll are certainly valid for highly regulated sectors where support, governance and traceability are absolutely vital. Open-source software has traditionally been uncontrolled and open to technical, operational, regulatory, security and legal risk, potentially threatening brand reputation. Our customers have been asking for a simpler business model that is equally able to satisfy the needs of IT and compliance teams. The validation of R packages presents ease of reproducibility, standardisation, and assurance for business”.

Pugh explained: “Mango’s long-standing expertise in R software and validation means we are uniquely placed to assess the quality of R packages in accordance with ISO 9001 quality requirements, The R Foundation for Statistical Computing guidance on regulatory compliance and industry validation requirements”.

ValidR can be deployed with RStudio Package Manager (RSPM), the leading repository management server giving organisations central and consistent accessibility to a validated set of packages across the organisation. Matt Sawkins, Product Manager at Mango, commented: “ValidR meets the compliance requirements of our customers in sectors that do not require the stringent additional, compliant environment standards as provided by ValidR Enterprise.

Presenting long-term analytical advantage, this solution seeks to mitigate any uncertainty and reduce the cost of maintaining open source software, with guaranteed reproducibility for any data science team”.

Validating R, already has proven application in the highly regulated pharmaceutical sector. It involves an extensively validated, tested, peer reviewed seven-step framework in adherence to industry best practice. This rigorous process has opened up markets in other sectors allowing a wider uptake of R, allowing teams to fully adopt this rich analytic language with greater confidence, assurance and certainty.


ValidR, available from 15th December, reduces industry risk and IT costs by validation of:

  • 150 of the most essential and requested R packages on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)
  •  Industry ‘must-haves’ and core packages across all industry sectors
    Commonly used and de facto collections, including the tidyverse
  • Mango’s unique expertise and analysis of CRAN and client validation requests
  • For more information, please see ValidR