Managed Service of your RStudio Environment


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On-Premise Installation & Managed Service of your RStudio Environment

Develop, deploy and maintain R at scale…

For Enterprises, R provides a compelling alternative to costly proprietary software licences and allows ease of collaboration and adoption from a centralised data and analytics platform such as RStudio Team.

As a language, R can come with restrictions when it comes to the implementation and necessary technical know-how of installing, configuring, and supporting a centralised platform. Many teams lack the required support from IT or the necessary knowledge that makes an environment suitable for future scalability. It’s never a straightforward or simple process to find the time to manage the appropriate levels of security to avoid malware and viruses and support the environment to run sufficiently.

Mango’s on-premise and Managed Services can help – we take the responsibility for supporting, running and maintaining your RStudio environment, effectively creating ease of management and team adoption.

As an RStudio Full Service Certified partner, we support the implementation of RStudio tools, best practices for package management and the creation of an R operating model. We can also provide support services for production R environments and help customers succeed with R and RStudio.