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Store, share and search for any document, model, script or data set seamlessly and compliantly. The ModSpace team collaboration software ensures ease of access and prevents duplication of effort for distributed analytic teams.


What’s the most efficient way to coordinate distributed analytic teams? Where can we instantly find the right documents? How can we ensure everyone is working on up-to-date versions with no duplication of effort?

When managing distributed teams, it can be difficult to keep efficiency high and costs low. With the clock ticking, you can’t afford to waste time searching for the right document – or working on the wrong version.


ModSpace allows you to store and access any file with ease – the web-based knowledge management system collects related files into a single entry for each project.

ModSpace automatically extracts and displays metadata from files to make artefacts easier to find and re-use. Non-technical users benefit from the point and click UI, while technical users can still access the underlying version control system using their favourite managing tools. ModSpace continually maintains full trace-ability of actions relating to each file and entry. Communication and collaboration are encouraged, with teams able to set access to documents in one click – ideal for contractor use and reporting on system activity.

ModSpace allows you to:

  • Connect teams and locate artefacts quickly.
  • Provide easy access for novice users and more control for technicians.
  • Support existing workflows, from RStudio to Microsoft Word.
  • Encourage standardisation with configurable templates and metadata management.
  • Achieve compliance with industry-standard version control and permission management.

Key features

  • Configuration – entries and file types can be tailored to suit the content while templates encourage standardisation and save time.
  • Metadata – describes system content to make it easier to find and reuse. Metadata is automatically extracted from certain types of files, and can be augmented manually by users.
  • Search – Quickly find content using a powerful search tool. Easily build up complex queries using search filters. Searches can be performed against metadata fields or the full content of certain documents (eg MS Word, PDF etc).
  • Locking and states – reduce risk of conflict and protect key files from modification.
  • Audit capture – understand all actions taken and changes made.


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