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Spending too much time and money on data science and analytics recruitment or building ineffective teams? Data Science Radar is a Data Science Skills Assessment tool that enables you to assess exactly which competencies your team needs and prioritise recruitment and upskilling to achieve data-driven transformation.


Even data scientists with broad experience are more suited to particular specialisms. It pays to get the talent that meets your current needs, rather than hold out for the perfect (or impossible to afford).

Our Data Science Radar maps diverse competencies in the field of data science against six core data science traits identified by Mango Solutions, quantifying relative strengths and areas for improvement at the individual and team level – enabling users to make decisions based on evidence rather than intuition.

So, plan your next hires in accordance with defined analytic traits and create development programmes that enable individuals to thrive.

The six core capabilities of data scientists


Uses empathy and language to inspire and collaborate with a range of colleagues; vital skills to work effectively with business stakeholders on data initiatives

Data Wrangler

Manipulates data of varying volume, variety and velocity into analytic-ready formats using a variety of technologies


Writes production-grade code to deploy consistent insights and analytical thinking across the business


Builds and deploys analytic infrastructure and products on a range of technology platforms to scale data-driven solutions


Leverages effective statistical and machine learning or optimisation algorithms to convert data into wisdom


Creates powerful visual outputs to support modern visualisation approaches such as storytelling and the conveying of key findings with compelling visuals

Data Science Radar enables significant benefits:

  • Structure learning and development needs and empower individuals to upskill
  • A Data Science Skills Assessment tool to identify gaps, saving time and money on recruitment by making best use of in-house talent
  • Establish a best practice framework for world-class data science capabilities

Key features

  • Team dashboard – assess expertise and areas for improvement
  • Intuitive visualisations – see each data scientist’s suitability for a given role
  • Performance tracking – track improvements to guide upskilling
  • Consultancy package – supports full integration of Data Science Radar


Explore the latest insights to inspire your next data science project.


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