LondonR February 2021

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In 2020 LondonR moved online and whilst we have missed the opportunity to connect face-to-face over a few drinks, it has been great to keep in touch with the R stats community virtually.

The move to online meetups has enabled us to make LondonR more accessible – something we will take forward with us when we move back to in-person meetups – and so we will be streaming and recording all our future live events. If you would like to catch up on 2020’s LondonR’s, you can find the recordings here.

We are starting our 2021 meetups with a bang! Faris Najo from Tercen will be presenting a talk entitled ‘Empower the Biologist and liberate the Bioinformatician’. Faris will discuss and demonstrate how to “empower” the Biologist and “liberate” the bioinformatician for data analysis using a platform called Tercen. Tercen aims to liberate bioinformaticians by removing them from the operational support and allowing them to concentrate on the algorithmic fundamentals of R packages.

Next on the agenda, we have Jonathan Ng, who will be taking advantage of the remote side of LondonR and will be joining us live from New Zealand -Jonathan may be familiar to the LondonR crowd as he has previously presented at our annual EARL Conference. Jonathan will be sharing career and business tips for data scientists, including advice on ‘how to get paid more working on more meaningful and enjoyable work while creating happier clients’, which we are sure will be an interesting topic to most of the data scientists joining us on the 2nd Feb.

Finally, we will be joined by another far-flung guest, this time from America – Rachael Dempsey. Rachael is from the RStudio team and will be sharing highlights from the recent Rstudio::global conference, a 24-hour event which took place on 21st January – so there are sure to be plenty of highlights to cover.

LondonR is open to all, so if you’re new to R and want to get to know the community (which is incredibly friendly) then please join us on Tuesday 2nd February at 5pm GMT. It’s free to join – please register here for a ticket.