Data-driven transformation in Telecoms and Utilities

Data-driven innovations, cost-efficiencies and customer centricity

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Telecoms and utilities companies are leveraging data to enhance their services and keep up with supply, demand and cost pressures in ever-changing industries driven by customer demand and new technology.


How can we enhance customer satisfaction as well as efficiency? Where are the revenue opportunities we’re missing?

Telecoms and utilities are highly commoditised, competitive markets. Telecoms companies are continually searching for new ways to extract value and using data science and analytics is now essential to understand customers and deliver the efficiencies that add up to big revenue. The electricity, gas and water industries must ensure consistent supply and meet environmental targets, while delivering ever more cost-effective energy in a world of fierce competition.

Mango Solutions helps the telecoms and utilities industries apply data science and AI/ML to drive innovation. We develop algorithms that optimise prices for customer segments, assess suspect activity, calculate credit risk and extract data insights to streamline predictive maintenance and asset management.

How Mango Solutions helps telecoms and utilities businesses

We draw on our data science expertise and experience within this sector to deliver value from your data transformation with use cases such as:

  • Pricing optimisation – using Big Data to review multiple metrics in real-time and set and test prices by customer segment/region; ensuring customers are paying what they want and telecoms companies get steady revenue.
  • Reducing customer churn – assessing and anticipating the impact of new tariffs/product development to devise intervention strategies to retain customers, and forecast supply/demand to ensure steady supply.
  • Streamlining asset management – using historical data and AI/ML to create forecasting models that identify risk sites, streamline preventative maintenance, minimise downtime and maximise customer service.
  • Improving workforce productivity – transmitting maintenance data in real-time to manage workforce and boost output; collecting data to identify skills gaps and focus recruitment.
  • Network planning – using algorithms to determine where to build base stations to deliver optimal network coverage and enhance customer service.

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