Data-driven transformation in Retail

Enhancing customer experience and optimising profitability

The science of selling

Retailers must balance consumer demand for novelty, convenience and brand experience while protecting margins and reducing waste. That makes data-driven transformation essential to thrive in the hyper-competitive high street and ever-evolving digital marketplace.


Do you want to avoid dead stock? Could complex tasks like drop shipping and markdowns be more efficient? Is your clienteling delivering as much value as it should?

Retail moves at a dizzying pace and innovation and data science is revolutionising customer experience. But without expert guidance, it can be difficult to know where to implement the changes required to remain competitive.

Mango Solutions works with retailers to plan, prioritise, mobilise and deliver data-driven transformation. We provide the essential knowledge and expertise to leverage value from your data science and AI/ML projects and explore the power of automation and personalisation. Together we can help you identify new efficiencies, maximise profits, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

How Mango Solutions helps retailers

We draw on our data science skills and retail market expertise to deliver profit-boosting use cases like:

  • Lifetime Value Prediction – identifying individual buying patterns to deepen understanding of each customer, predict revenue and prioritise marketing tactics.
  • Product recommendations – increasing sales and cross/upselling, by optimising stock promotion based on margin, relevancy, likelihood to purchase etc.
  • Price optimisation – analysing multi-channel data, including location, season and competitor pricing, to intelligently adjust pricing to maximise profitability.
  • Market basket analysis – learning what impacts basket value across multiple factors, e.g. online/offline, period and region.
  • Inventory and supply chain management – predicting periods of high demand and coordinating with suppliers to rapidly respond to emerging sales trends, ensure availability and optimise delivery.

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