Data-driven transformation in Media, Leisure and Entertainment

The science of creating loyal customers

The odds favour better data

Data is the secret weapon against fraud, customer churn and problem gambling. With the right algorithms and real-time analytics, media, entertainment and leisure businesses can attract and hold onto the right kind of customers.


How do we keep customers engaged? What’s the best way to achieve smart customer engagement? How can we predict behaviour?

The media, entertainment and leisure industries share the same core challenge: providers must work hard to attract new customers while keeping existing customers coming back.

Mango Solutions delivers Machine Learning algorithms that can identify and target customers by well-defined niches, personalising your approach to maximise response and optimise marketing spend. We enable media and entertainment businesses to apply real-time analytics to react instantly to customer behaviour and optimise the experience. Whether developing early fraud-detection systems or recommendation engines that predict what customers want before they know themselves – we’ll keep you two steps ahead.

How Mango Solutions helps media, entertainment and leisure providers

We draw on our industry expertise in data science, AI and ML to deliver value. Typical use case projects include:

  • Recommendation engines – using algorithms to analyse user behaviour and guide content development that creates emotional connection, while serving the right content at the right time.
  • Real-time analytics – processing vast amounts of user data to guide and implement crucial decisions in real-time and optimise service over the competition.
  • Preventing the loss of high value customers – accurately forecasting churn (e.g. flagging customers approaching the end of their contracts or detecting decreased account activity) and developing personalised retention strategies for different customers (e.g. loyalty points).
  • Optimising customer spend – personalising your communications by using algorithms to determine which tactics will deliver the highest response rates for each customer.
  • Predicting and preventing fraud – establishing an early detection system to flag abnormalities and protect individuals and the business from fake accounts, hacking, stolen credit cards etc.

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