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Data science doesn’t just solve business problems. It holds the key to longer, healthier lives – enabling pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses to accelerate drug development, optimise existing treatments and enhance patient wellbeing.


Are we capturing every critical insight? How can we increase efficiency while reducing risk? Can we adopt new software that satisfies regulatory obligations?

Innovation is integral to pharmaceuticals and healthcare. And so are regulations. Mango Solutions makes drug development safer, faster and more cost-effective. Through our extensive expertise and purpose built systems, including Navigator Workbench, ModSpace and ValidR, we provide the analytics environment to accelerate insights. We streamline pharmacometrics, enabling users to validate complex PK/PD models using technologies like NONMEN, R, SAS and Matlab.

With our help, life sciences and healthcare businesses can maximise the value of their data – improving patient health and wellbeing, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

How Mango Solutions helps life sciences and healthcare organisations

We draw on our expertise in this sector, delivering value through data science and the wider analytic environment through use cases such as these:

  • R adoption – helping organisations to manage large data sets by migrating from SAS to R and upskilling teams in this essential language for data science.
  • Effective PK/PD model management – allowing teams to create, execute, review and compare PK/PD models via an intuitive web-based interface (without requiring high-level programming skills). See Navigator Workbench.
  • Reducing drug development times safely and compliantly – satisfying 21 CFR 11 while enjoying the efficiency and functionality of the open-source software R. See ValidR.
  • Establishing a modern analytic environment – delivering the right data at the right time to enable better decision making.
  • Visualising and analysing data – using Shiny applications to clean, curate and export analysis ready data; revealing the big picture and how data sets relate to each other.

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