Data-driven transformation in Government

Pioneering better public services through data science

Better policies, greater efficiencies

In the drive to digitisation, public bodies are upscaling their data capabilities and using big data to transform statistics into actionable insights and proactive policies that maximise social, political and economic impact.


Where can public services be enhanced? How can we deliver value for money to the taxpayer? Where do we need to focus resources?

Public bodies manage huge amounts of valuable data on legacy systems. The challenge is upgrading these processes to leverage ‘data for good’ at scale – improving health and welfare outcomes and enabling a more efficient service.

Mango Solutions plays a key role in modernising public services and enhancing decision making through data science. We help government departments move from old systems to open source software with wide feature sets – productionising data science and ensuring consistent value and cost saving. Our specialists can migrate services to the cloud, increasing cyber security and ensuring a responsive service.

How Mango Solutions helps government institutions

We draw on our industry expertise and data science skills to deliver value from your data transformation with use cases such as:

  • Improving health outcomes – using AI/ML to increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis of life threatening illnesses; optimising resources to improve wait times for patients and assessing poverty.
  • Better education planning – predicting demand for new schools and courses to contribute to better longer-term planning for new buildings, teaching resources and course development.
  • Tax fraud identification – through the use of advanced analytics software and techniques, HMRC can build more robust and performant analysis to reveal suspect activity and detect tax fraud faster.
  • Reducing consultation effort – by using text data analysis to significantly reduce the time period for new transport project public consultations (for example the new runway at Heathrow). Improving the collection and analysis of the data increases accuracy and produces outcomes much quicker, thereby saving the tax-payer millions of £.
  • Enabling economic statistics for trade – analysing vast data from multiple sources to better understand, for example, the impact of Brexit on the economy and trade.

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