A wealth of opportunities, generated by data science

Data is your biggest asset

Building an advanced data science capability brings enormous benefits to financial services businesses – from AI/ML driven cost-saving and revenue-boosting efficiencies to game-changing trading strategies and risk management.


How can we combat sophisticated fraud? What’s the best way to enhance the customer experience and keep pace with innovation?

While regulations multiply, criminals evolve and fintech disruptors steal market share, data management and analysis skills remain in short supply in banking and asset management companies.

Mango Solutions works with the financial services to prioritise and mobilise data science projects, identifying skill gaps and upskilling teams – helping you leverage AI/ML to make better decisions faster, while staying transparent and one step ahead of criminals. Our experts work with you to hone investment strategies and optimise customer experience.

How Mango Solutions helps financial businesses

We draw on our data science skills and market expertise to deliver value from your transformation and use case in areas such as:

  • Effective, ethical use of AI/ML – delivering the enormous advantages of AI/ML assisted decision making (e.g. automated loan approvals) while managing concerns over fairness and transparency
  • Fighting financial crime – from training investigators and analysts in the use of data analytics to detect complex crime, to developing AI-based systems to flag fraudulent claims
  • Customer retention – designing and building contact centre applications to enhance customer service and dramatically increase sales and cross sales
  • Risk management – providing the resources to manage and analyse rapidly increasing data volumes, upskilling teams and rebuilding credit risk models for payment processing
  • Investment analytics – re-engineering valuation models, analysing contrasting datasets to detect fraud, estimating portfolio risk, addressing regulatory requirements

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