Our story

Our mission, history and what makes us special

We are Mango Solutions

Our mission is to empower organisations to make informed decisions, using sophisticated analytics and AI/ML techniques to deliver data-driven value that surpasses expectations. We do this through our unique combination of people, values and expertise.

Our history

Mango Solutions was founded by Richard Pugh, Chief Data Scientist and Matthew Aldridge, Chief Executive Officer. With initial specialisms in life sciences, the R language and using advanced analytics to empower end users, we quickly evolved to support data-driven transformation in multiple industries. Today we’re the largest data science consultancy of its kind in the UK, recognised around the world for our proven track record and wealth of experience in data science and data engineering.

Our people and values

Mango Solutions attracts the brightest minds in science, maths, statistics and academia. It’s no surprise our data scientists and data engineers are at the cutting-edge of their field. We combine many diverse specialisms yet all share the same guiding principles and core character traits that make us thrive.

Mango Solutions is home to 35 data scientists with more than 200 years commercial experience and data science expertise between them. Together with 80 staff members from client services, account management, project management and technical development, they deliver world-class expertise to help transform companies on their data-driven journeys.


data scientists


years commercial experience and data science expertise


staff members from client services, account management, project management and technical development

How we work

Our mix of consultancy, data science, training and technology has enabled some of the world’s leading companies to use advanced analytics to generate operational acumen – the ability to use data to enhance business judgement and decision-making to drive bigger gains, lower costs and to optimise performance. We take a pragmatic, outcome-focused and value-driven approach that ensures our clients thrive on data science.

Who we work with

We work with Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, Analytic leads, Data Science practitioners and business leaders. Together we help them to unleash the value of their data across numerous sectors, including government, finance, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, healthcare, utilities, telecoms, travel and logistics.

Each year we support a charity through fund raising and data science consultancy. This year we’re supporting the NSPCC.

Our strategic priorities

Creating a truly data-driven culture is a complex, far reaching process. That’s why we break it down into five strategic priorities. These goals focus our approach and enable us to become both trusted consultants and committed collaborators on the journey to data-driven transformation:

  • Nurture teams to maintain world-class capabilities
  • Embrace innovation in data-driven solutions
  • Remain vendor neutral across your technology platform
  • Offer perceptive, pragmatic advice
  • Deliver enduring data-driven value

Championing the data science community

Mango Solutions plays an active role in the vibrant and innovative data science community, hosting leading events such as EARL, the Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference. We host and attend meetup groups around the world to nurture talent and promote the latest innovations. Richard Pugh was the first President of the R Consortium, of which Mango Solutions is a founding member. We constantly exchange ideas, tools and methodologies, keeping us at the cutting-edge of data science and ensuring our clients have access to the latest innovations.


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